The changing face of healthcare

A new window into the rapidly evolving healthcare world during COVID-19

2020 has been a year of remarkable change across the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most visible driver of this change, but in reality it has simply accelerated massive changes already underway, driven by significant technological advances and profound shifts in social and political thinking. All of this change is creating huge challenges—but also opportunities—for individuals, companies, and industries as they try to navigate an emerging, complex world.

The life science and healthcare sectors have long been drivers of advancement and change. They play the same role with regard to COVID-19, representing both those who care for the infected and the accelerated push for a vaccine that can finally stamp out the pandemic. The perspectives of those on the inside are invaluable to understand their struggle to gain control over the virus and to glimpse the world that will emerge on the other side of the pandemic. That is the impetus for Behind the mask, a longitudinal, multi-armed, global study of HCPs, payers, and patients as they live through COVID-19. Havas Health & You, the world’s largest health and wellness network, designed and launched Behind the mask to achieve 2 connected purposes: 

Understand the real experiences of participants on the front line of COVID-19 as they experience it—their fears, frustrations, hopes, and needs

Help us and our clients find new opportunities, new directions, and new mechanisms to fulfill the promise of 21st century health and wellness


The Global Pandemic Will Mark A New Era Of Healthcare

The healthcare system was already under significant stress at the beginning of the year; the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic is illuminating its deeper challenges and making them plain for a much wider audience. The crisis has forced HCPs to examine their relationships with work and their working partners, and has forced medical systems to adapt on the fly. Some of these changes, like a rapid conversion to telehealth during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, are likely to have a lasting and profound impact on medical practice. Predicting what will be permanent changes, and what those changes imply for the future of healthcare communications and brand building, is the challenge we face as an industry. Behind the mask will be our tool for helping make those predictions in a data-driven, human-centric way.  

Behind the mask design

We designed this global study with an eye to both depth and breadth, by including complementary qualitative and quantitative arms:

Qualitative Ethnographic

HCPs and payers across the UK, US and Germany via weekly diary entries and self-shot videos

Quantitative Surveys

HCPs, payers, and patients across the UK, US, Germany via
repeated waves of surveys

These arms have been up and running since early May, and the data collected will provide fodder for insight for many months and years to come.

A full research team from across our network has been dedicated to the effort, including Directors of Account Planning and Analytics, Medical Directors, and a Medical Anthropologist. Collectively, this group represents over 100 years of industry experience and a depth of research and analytic skills that make them an ideal team to tackle this important work.

As a communications network dedicated to helping people everywhere live healthier lives, we look forward to publishing this content in accessible ways to inform and inspire action.
As we look Behind the mask, we will see many ways that the pandemic is upending and redefining how medical care is delivered in the 21st century. We look forward to your joining the journey.


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