Behind the Mask

Responsibility and Sacrifice

The Hippocratic oath. When doctors take it, they’re agreeing to care for their fellow human beings no matter what, and sometimes in ways only they know how. But when COVID-19 began to spread rapidly across the globe, it was this oath that was put to its finest test. 

As cases rose across the globe so too did panic and confusion, and it was the health care providers that were called upon to fight back against the virus. To be the beacon of hope in some incredibly dark times. But unlike other battles, where the enemy was known and preparation was easy, those in charge did not have the proper equipment readily available for those on the front lines.

I felt that I was being called to “fight” so to speak, but without proper protective equipment

Pulmonologist – United States

As time went on and we learned more about the virus, PPE mandates changed causing shortages of supplies. To continue the fight, doctors were forced to fund their own materials, just to do their job safely. This sense of responsibility and sacrifice spread into their personal lives as well.

“Trying to explain to my little ones not to run and give me a big hug when they see me enter the house is heartbreaking. However, this profession is what I have signed up for and I will continue to take care of patients to the best of my ability”

Cardiologist – United States

These sacrifices performed by health care providers, all in answer to their Hippocratic oath have been, and continue to be, imperative in the fight against COVID-19. And as the pandemic goes on, we will only have to see if this goodwill will continue as it has done for the past eight months.

But one of the most important questions we must ask ourselves. is whether these increased responsibilities of the job, and of the sacrifices made by every HCP around the world, will impact the enrollment of medical schools and young people willing to risk their lives to save others in the future.

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