Behind the Mask

Community Support and Solidarity

In times of great hardship and turmoil, communities often come together to support each other and overcome. And COVID-19 has been no exception. Across the world local volunteers have worked to support their community by offering up their own personal skills.

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Our patients supported us by producing self-sewed community masks for the patients that did not bring their own masks.” 

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Cardiologist – Germany   

But it’s not just skills that people have given up. We’ve seen in many situations that local volunteers have offered their time as well.

“External support has come from the many volunteers who have also stepped up to the plate for our rural dispensing practice to help deliver medicines to those patients who are shielding” quoted a general practitioner in the UK. And in the US volunteers helped those in need as well. “…some people took on to delivery drugs and food to people in community…” 

Rheumatologist – US  

This was especially helpful in the beginning of the pandemic when mixed messages were being sent to communities and governments offered little support.  

These small acts by the community went a long way, and have continued to do so, in turn giving HCPs the help they needed, while they navigated how they were going to care for patients on their own.  

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